Javafx Tutorial For Beginners

Javafx Tutorial For Beginners

To understand Javafx it is important that the beginners must understand the difference between java and Javafx. In the year 1990 Sun micro system launched a new language which was called Java. It became very popular because with the aid of java now it was easy to create codes which were a major problem. There were other languages as well, but there were several issues in them such as speed, memory allocation, leaks, porting and confusing syntax. All these problems do not exist in java and this is the reason of its popularity. Many users were interested in creating java programs with graphical UI. Java then gained libraries.

 This allowed users to create UI in java, but then many developers felt that swing also created some complex issues. The company made many attempts to make things easier so that java applications can be created. One attempt was Javafx 1.0 which tried to compete with the micro silver light and adobe flash. This platform allowed users to create easy UIs which were not possible with swings and this is how Javafx Tutorial came in existence.


It was designed to give developers an ease because it was a high performance and lightweight platform. But this does not mean that swing became obsolete. There are number of applications which are still in use that have been developed using Swing and it is always going to be part of the java API. Javafx can be utilized to create graphical UIs for any platforms such as mobile, desktop and web. Originally the idea if creating thus platform was to get RIA that is rich internet applications.

  • V1.0 was released in 2008
  • V1.1 was released in 2009
  • V1.2 was launched in June 2009 and
  • V1.3 was released in 2010

During the initial time period of Javafx it was not clear that Javafx will replace swing or not, but when oracle switched to the stewardship to Dun, the focus also shifted completely making Javafx a graphical platform a great choice across all the different applications of java. As the Javafx advanced new and upgraded features was also launched from time to time to make it simpler for the tutorials. Developers must have Javafx knowledge so that they can use its features to create best UI applications.  There are Javafx tutorial for beginners available all over the web from where they can easily get started and start with this platform and create best applications with ease.


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